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Welcome to Julianne Butterfly Fine Art.
My unique butterfly art is created using real butterflies. There are over 140,000 known butterflies and moths in the world, with new species being discovered all the time. Many species only live a few days, some as little as 2 days, but the average is 20 to 30 days.
Butterflies as an art form.
The butterflies presented here offer a wide range of color and style. All the butterflies I use in my art are carefully selected for their shape, color, beauty and quality. Each piece is designed to capture their exquisite beauty...from a sense of peaceful harmony to a vibrant explosion of color. To create each piece of art is a multi-step process that can take weeks to complete. Each piece of work is sealed in an air-tight acrylic case, which will retain the butterflies beauty and color.
Where do the butterflies come from? 
The butterflies used in my art have been raised on butterfly farms around the world or hand collected from abundant habitats. In order to preserve the rain forest, many developing countries are promoting alternative sources of income in renewable resources that can be sustainably harvested. Typical butterfly farms are a half-acre of land that was once a productive vegetable garden cleared from the prime forest. The land, now too depleted to grow vegetables, is fertile enough to sustain the vines needed for the butterfly garden. The farmer will harvest some of the butterflies and the remainder are used for regeneration. The importation and exportation of butterflies is highly regulated worldwide.
Protecting the rainforests. 
You probably know that virgin tropical forests are declining at an alarming rate, over half have been cleared in the last 40 years. You may also know that nearly 2/3rds of all living species are tropical. The case for saving tropical forest is clear. Many support this by buying "products of the rainforest", or helping conservation organizations working in tropical nations. According to the Christensen Research Institute in Papua New Guinea, buying tropical insects for your collection may be one of the best investments you will ever make in tropical forest protection.

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